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Jeremiah Billmann


Jeremiah Billmann

My name is Jeremiah Billmann and I'm a Senior Software Engineer with Skyline Technologies - a world-class IT consulting company. I've been in software consulting for much of the past decade taking on roles ranging from developer to software development manager.

I have a tremendous amount of passion for software design patterns, best practices and web applications. I feel most at home in the world of full stack web development with HTML and JavaScript, but I've worked with so many different languages, frameworks, and technologies that sometimes I forget how old I am.

I am currently working on Launch.IO, an ultra hip, simple, and fast, time traveling React state management library.

I am the founder and creator of Feature Ops - formerly a Feature Flags service (more to come soon). I am also the author of all of the Feature Ops SDKs.

I helped the Ghost blogging platform get up and running on Azure.

When I'm not coding, I have a conflict of interests as I hold a personal trainer certification and I appreciate well crafted beer.

Speaking of beer, I helped lead development for Beerology.

I like to build and tinker with stuff. I am the author of a simple, multiplayer game server (and client), called GarageServer.IO for Node.js. I also wrote MicroSliver and all of its extensions.

Rumor has it that I once rewrote the core game engine of Rampage using just HTML5 & JavaScript... and added multiplayer online using SignalR.

I speak for myself on this blog. If you do not like the content on this blog, I'm told that vanilla ice cream usually does the trick.

I enjoy speaking in front of people about my many passions. If you have interest in me speaking, please reach out to me.

I find most things in life funny, but roofing a house is serious business.

Anyway, nice to meet you, I hope you enjoy my blog.


Jeremiah Billmann